Bonus Video on English Grammar: Question Tags for Episode 3 (20 Minute Video)

Link to PDF Copy of this Worksheet

How To Study This With Flashcards – Audio on Soundcloud (10-minute audio) UPDATED! 

Flashcard Front & Flashcard Back

Typical Grammar Question

1. Your granduncle hardly ever goes out, _____________ he?

(1) did

(2) does

(3) didn’t

(4) doesn’t

Things to Remember: 

1) Positive statement, followed by Negative question tag

2) Negative statement, followed by Positive question tag

3) Invisible ‘does’

– She loves to swim, doesn’t she? She does love to swim, doesn’t she?

– They enjoy the outdoors, don’t they? They do enjoy the outdoors, don’t they?

4) These special words would make statements Negative, thus making the question tag Positive:

a) barely  – He barely ate, did he?

b) hardly – It hardly seems fair, does it? (It almost does not seem fair, does it?)

c) neither – Neither of them arrived, did they?

d) no – No one spoke to him, did they?

e) nobody – Nobody walked through here, did they?

f) none – None of you knew the answer, do you?

g) nothing – Nothing is ready, is it?

h) seldom – She seldom smiles, does she?

4) Exceptions

a) I am – I am attractive, aren’t I?

b) Positive Imperative/Instruction – Stop talking, will / won’t you!

c) Negative Imperative/Instruction – Don’t stop running, will you!

d) Let’s (Let us) – Let’s go to the museum, shall we?

e) Have got (possession) – He has got a fidget spinner, hasn’t he?

f) There is / are – There aren’t any bugs under the bed, are there?

g) This / That is – This is Alex’s bag, isn’t it?

Hope this has helped you understand English Grammar slightly better!


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