How to Study English Grammar for PSLE: Episode 3

The image you see above is a mind map of the basic subtopics in English Grammar. [Credits go to the Daniel Tay X S, author of the mindmap.]

Grammar and It’s Subtopics

In the English Language at the PSLE Level, based on my experience of teaching students from various schools, there are a lot of subtopics of grammar that are not explicitly taught to students.

One of the reasons could be that teachers who teach English are not that enthusiastic and passionate about teaching English Grammar. Another reason could be that the information on English Grammar is simply too vast.

Unknown to most of my students initially, English Grammar has a lot of subtopics. After some time of teaching them and constantly asking them to think about the word types, students who are more hardworking would eventually pick it up.

Knowing the English Grammar will definitely help a student increase their marks for their English Language Paper 2 as well as improve their language for their writing in Paper 1. Additionally, it will help them understand cloze passages and passages for open-ended questions.

For students who are keen to improve their grammar knowledge, this post will share some effective studying tips that they should keep in mind:

1) Find an English Language teacher/tutor who is passionate about English Grammar

Having a dedicated English Language teacher who is passionate about English Grammar will help you identify the exact subtopic the grammar question is testing you.

2) Accept that the body of knowledge of the English Grammar is quite vast

Sometimes the English Language teacher might take slightly more time than another English Language teacher simply because the body of knowledge of the English Grammar is just so vast. For example, the modal ‘would’ has seven different uses and situations it can be used in!

3) Try to explain why the grammar rule is as such (Note: Sometimes accepting is easier!)

For the same grammar rule, the sentence is testing you, think of an explanation that you can tell someone. Make sure the explanation is as simple as possible. [Bonus Content for Subscribers: An Explanation of Why This Works!]

4) Recreate the grammar rule in as many other ways as possible

To better grasp the concept of the grammar rule, you should try to recreate the grammar rule in as many ways as possible. Don’t worry about making mistakes; the process of trying will help you have a better understanding of the grammar rule. [Bonus Content for Subscribers: How To Make Remembering Grammar Rules Even Stronger!]

5) [Bonus Content for Subscribers: Advanced Tip To Further Strengthen Your Understanding of Grammar Rules!]

Does Reading Help?

Reading actually does help! The more you read, look up words and try to understand what the story is trying to tell you, the more you’ll understand what the author is trying to tell you. If you do this over a period of time, you will eventually gain a natural understanding of English Grammar.

Reading a lot before your exams may not have a big influence on your results, but you should always try to put in some time for reading once a day, for at least 10 minutes. As you read, look for grammar structures and word types that you have already learned.

Take a Deep Breath, and Let’s Begin!

It may seem like there’s a lot to study, but it’s important to take one day at a time. Take a deep breath, and take it easy.

See you in the next post!


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