The Marks Breakdown for the English Language Assessment Paper 2 for PSLE – Episode 2

Which Section To Focus On?

Throughout my years of teaching, I’ve realized that sometimes parents want me to teach a certain section of the English Paper 2. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, but most of the time, when I have a closer look and analyze the child’s performance, the root cause sometimes points to Grammar and a lack of Vocabulary.

So this point is aimed at helping you understand the breakdown of the mark to the exact subtopic that is tested in the English Language examination.

Do note that there is no exact mark for each subtopic, but there is roughly a range to help you better understand where you should let your child practice and focus his/her efforts.

Sections in Paper 2

Booklet A
1. Grammar MCQ: 10 Marks to Grammar
2. Vocabulary MCQ: 5 Marks to Vocabulary
3. Vocabulary Cloze: 5 Marks to Vocabulary
4. Visual Text Comprehension: 8 Marks to Comprehension

Booklet B
1. Grammar Cloze: 10 Marks to Grammar
2. Editing for Grammar and Spelling: 6 Marks to Grammar and 6 Marks to Spelling
3. Comprehension Cloze: 15 Marks to Comprehension, Up to 8 Marks to Grammatical Collocation, Up to 8 Marks to Vocabulary in Context
4. Synthesis and Transformation: 10 Marks to Grammar
5. Comprehension Open-Ended: Up to 4 Marks to Vocabulary and 16 Marks to Comprehension (up to 8 Marks in forms like True/False questions, arrange events, references, and identifying phrases)

Weightage in Percentage

Total Marks:

  1. Grammar – 44 Marks (Rounded to 40)
  2. Vocabulary – 22 Marks (Rounded to 20)
  3. Comprehension – 40 Marks


  1. Grammar – 40%
  2. Vocabulary – 20%
  3. Comprehension – 40%

Comprehension Means Understanding

To comprehend is to understand. To understand the English Language, one must have an understanding of the combination of English Grammar and English Vocabulary. Without knowing the Grammar and meaning of words, a student’s Comprehension may be weak on the overall.

Where Can You Start?

To start revision as soon as possible, it will be good if you assess your child’s ability to explain the meaning of a grammatical sentence. It is complete fine if you need to build up your child’s English Grammar knowledge from Primary 3 or 4. This is because many of the questions tested for Grammar at PSLE come from even Primary 1 Grammar subtopics that students may not remember anymore.

Keep in mind that your child’s ability to explain will be the best gauge for you to assess if your child understands the English Grammar.

All the best and see you in the next post!


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